chapter eight

In which Piglet does a very grand thing

Pooh and Piglet are sitting together in their Thoughtful Spot, halfway between their two houses, trying to decide what to do with their day. Pooh suggests going to see Eeyore in case his house has blown down again and needs rebuilding. Piglet says that they should go and see Christopher Robin, if only he would be home, which he wouldn't be, and then Pooh says that they should go and see everyone, because then they could turn the day into a Friendly Day, which is obviously preferable to an Unfriendly Day, being friendlier.

Piglet says that they should come up with a reason to see everyone, like an Expotition or an Organdized Search, and Pooh says that they can wish everybody a very happy Thursday, what with it being Thursday and everything.

So they stand up, and Piglet sits down again briefly because he didn't realise the wind was quite that strong, but he is helped up by Pooh, and they set off together. They go to Pooh's house first (luckily finding that Pooh is home at just the moment they arrive), and have a little something, and than carry on to Kanga's house, battling through the very strong wind.

They stay for lunch at Kanga's house and then move on to Rabbit's, and Pooh wishes Rabbit a very happy Thursday, after he has gone in and out through the front door a few times, just to check that he can. Rabbit isn't terribly impressed with their Thursday greeting, because he is such an Important Animal anyway, and so Pooh and Piglet press on.

"Rabbit's clever," said Pooh thoughtfully.
"Yes," said Piglet, "Rabbit's clever."
"And he has Brain."
"Yes," said Piglet, "Rabbit has Brain."
There was a long silence.
"I suppose," said Pooh, "that that's why he never understands anything."

Pooh and Piglet arrive at Christopher Robin's house, and Christopher Robin is home from school now as it's the afternoon. They have a Very Nearly Tea with Christopher Robin (one you forget about afterwards), and then head off to Pooh Corner to see Eeyore.

They greet Eeyore, who asks them if they have got lost and ended up there accidentally, which of course they haven't, as they have come especially to see Eeyore himself, and his house, which is still standing! Eeyore says yes, it is, which is quite strange, as surely someone should have come and pushed it over by now.

Pooh says he was a bit more worried about the wind blowing it down, and Eeyore says that that is probably why no-one has bothered to push it down, as they were just waiting for the wind to do it instead.

Pooh and Piglet say how happy they are to have seen Eeyore, and mention that they are now going to see Owl. Eeyore says that they will like Owl, and that in fact he flew past Pooh Corner only a day or so ago and noticed Eeyore, although he didn't stop to say anything, but still it was Encouraging.

Eeyore says goodbye to them, and advises Piglet not to get blown away by the wind, and off they go again. The wind is still very strong, and little Piglet's ears are streaming behind him like banners. Eventually they arrive at the Hundred Acre Wood and the shelter of the trees, although the trees present another problem...

"Supposing a tree fell down, Pooh, when we were underneath it?"
"Supposing it didn't," said Pooh after careful thought.
Piglet was comforted by this.

They reach Owl's door safely, and they knock and ring as per his written instructions. Pooh says hello to Owl, and then says that he hopes they are not too late for...and then stops himself, and says how are you, Owl, like a well-behaved bear is supposed to do before he asks for a little something.

Pooh and Piglet get settled in Owl's house, and Pooh explains that they have been hurrying to get there in time for..., uh, in time to see Owl before they went away again.

Owl understands, and asks them if it is very Blusterous outside. Piglet says that it is definitely very Blusterous, while quietly thawing his ears out and wishing he was at home. Owl says that he had thought that it must be very Blusterous outside, and is just about to launch into a long and complex story about his Uncle Robert when there is a loud cracking noise...

Pooh cries "Look out!", and warns Piglet that he is about to fall on him. Piglet cries "Help!", understandably. Owl's house is tilting, and everything in the room is sliding downwards onto what used to be the floor, but is now a wall.

There is another loud crack, and then silence. A tablecloth in one corner starts to wriggle around, rolls across the room, jumps up and down a bit, and then turns out to be Piglet.

"Pooh," said Piglet nervously.
"Yes?" said one of the chairs.
"Where are we?"
"I'm not quite sure," said the chair.
"Are we - are we in Owl's House?"
"I think so, because we were just going to have tea, and we hadn't had it."
"Oh!" said Piglet. "Well, did Owl always have a letter-box in his ceiling?"
"Has he?"
"Yes, look."
"I can't," said Pooh. "I'm face downwards under something, and that, Piglet, is a very bad position for looking at ceilings."

Owl emerges from behind a table, looking rather irritated. Owl asks Piglet where Pooh is, and Pooh replies that he isn't sure, and Owl turns to Pooh and frowns at the bits of him he can see.

Owl asks Pooh if he is responsible for their current situation, and Pooh says that he doesn't think that he is. Piglet says that he thinks it was the wind, and that Owl's house has been blown down. Owl says "Oh," and that he thought that it was Pooh, and Pooh says no.

Owl and Piglet struggle with the armchair that is on top of Pooh, and after a little while they manage to free Pooh successfully. Piglet says that they need to think of something to do now, and Pooh says that he has thought of a song, which he sings, and although it is a very nice song, it doesn't get them out of their State.

Owl says that they can't go out of the front door because it is now blocked, so they are going to need another exit. Pooh puts his mind to the problem, and considers the fact that he is sitting on a floor which used to be a wall, and above them is the ceiling, which used to be another wall, and has the front door in it, which used to be a front door but is now a ceiling door, with a letterbox right in the middle of it.

Pooh suggests that Owl could fly up to the letterbox with Piglet on his back, an idea that Piglet quickly vetoes, and anyway, Owl explains the role of the Necessary Dorsal Muscles, something which he has explained before but is one of those things that often needs two explanations before anyone knows what you are talking about.

Pooh explains that the idea is to allow Piglet to squeeze through the letterbox and go and get Help, and Piglet says that he has put on some weight lately so that plan wouldn't really work, unfortunately. Owl says that he has actually had his letterbox made bigger lately in case he received any large letters, but then Piglet reminds Owl about the Dorsal Muscles situation, and they try to think of something else to do.

Pooh comes up with another plan - they should tie Piglet to a piece of string, and then Owl could fly up to the letterbox holding the piece of string in his beak, and then he could push the string through the wire, and then bring it down to the floor, and then both Owl and Pooh would pull hard on the string on one end and Piglet would rise up to the ceiling on the other end.

"And there Piglet is," said Owl. "If the string doesn't break."
"Supposing it does?" asked Piglet, really wanting to know.
"Then we try another piece of string."
This was not very comforting to Piglet, because however many pieces of string they tried pulling up with, it would always be the same him coming down; but still, it did seem the only thing to do.
So with one last look back in his mind to all the happy hours he had spent in the Forest not being pulled up to the ceiling by a piece of string, Piglet nodded bravely at Pooh and said that is was a Very Clever pup-pup-pup Clever pup-pup Plan.

Pooh reassures Piglet that the string won't break because Piglet is so small, and Pooh will stand underneath anyway, and if Piglet manages to escape and get Help then that will be a Very Grand Thing, maybe so grand that Pooh will make up a song about it and people will talk about it afterwards.

Piglet now feels much better about everything, so the animals prepare the string, and then Piglet is lifted slowly up to the ceiling. Piglet is rather proud of himself and wants to call out "Look at me!", but he doesn't in case the others look at him and let go of their end of the string.

Piglet successfully reaches the letterbox, opens it and gets in. He unties himself from the string and squeezes into the slit, and after a little bit more squeezing he is free! Calling to the others through the letterbox he lets them know that everything is OK, although Owl's tree has blown over and a branch is blocking the door, but with Christopher Robin's help he can rescue everyone, and it should only take about half an hour.

Owl decides to make use of the half an hour at his disposal, and settles down to tell a long and convoluted story about his Uncle Robert. Pooh closes his eyes.

Eeyore finds the wolery

Winnie the Pooh and friends are Trademarks of Disney. Quotes are taken from Winnie the Pooh and The House at Pooh Corner by A.A. Milne.